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LAIMODA Pse KC Lumen Flashlight Outdoor Mi Portable Mobile 50000 Mah Powerbank Mah Solar Lithium Battery Power Bank 50000Mah

Product Name:
portable power bank mobile charger
Mobilephone Charging
product siz:
battery capacity:
power banks 50000mah
Battery type:
polymer lithium ion battery
Additional function:
4USB port output with LED camping lights
product weight:
Powerbank 50000Mah Mini Mi Mirror 50000 Mah Mobile 50000 Station Portable Custom Power Bank 50000Mah
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  • Product performance description

1.Quick charge does not wait for 50000 mah, large capacity assured charge
2.4 port output +2 port input · large capacity mobile power supply
3.choose me do not take up space to carry easily, reduce the cost
4.With usb and android ports, and apple adapter, it can charge 99% of the phones on the market
5.Safe and eight Protections ( Input/ output protection, Circuit protection, Overshoot protection, Pure cobalt battery protection,
Charging induction protection, Temperature protection, Magnetic field protection, Over power protection
LED light is a charger and also a light
Double-click the power button to turn on the LED light, click the dimmer light, click the dimmer flash (SOS) again, and
double-click to turn off
Road maintenance
outdoor lighting
outdoor adventure
car repair
Playground lighting
construction site
4USB output design, can charge four devices at the same time, no need to wait in line
Double input charging/storage with only one cable
Support apple, android data line for charging the battery,High quality polymer battery, higher conversion rate, longer lasting company
Large capacity quick charge 50000 ma true true standard
High quality polymer battery, higher conversion rate, longer lasting company

Multiple protection system safe and secure

Over charge protection, over current protection, electromagnetic field protection, over discharge protection, over voltage
protection, temperature protection, over power protection, over reverse protection, short circuit protection
Product Usage
Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction


1.Large capacity mobile power supply,sufficient power, multiplayer game charging does not wait, the game continues
2.With USB and android ports and apple adapter, it can charge 99% of the phones on the market
3.stable and fast current, overcharge protection, Sensitive fast charge
  • Description of product use effect

1.Multiple management, safety protection, assured use

2.High quality circuit chip, multiple protection more secure
3.The battery life of the product is very strong and can charge the phone multiple times

4.Beautiful appearance,Warm led power display
5.Smart IC chip, charging safety rest assured
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