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LAIMODA mobile phone portable charger solar powerbank 10000mah power bank mobile solar charger solar power bank

ABS+TPU+Lithium polymer battery
Mobilephone wireless Charging and Tablet charging
interface Output:
MICRO or Type-c
Product size:
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power bank mobile charger/ powerbank 8000 mah /power banks 8000mah
Tech. standard:
Qi Wireless fast charger tech,wireless power bank
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  • Product performance description

1. Large capacity, efficient and quick charging

2. Smart chip multiple protection system

3. Three-port USB output, Micro port input

4. It can be charged by its own solar energy
5. Can be used as a camping lamp
6.Compatible with a wider range of mainstream equipment,It can charge mainstream mobile phones, tablet devices, bluetooth headsets
and smart bracelets.

Product advantages:

High-quality solar single crystal silicon panel, high-power 21 LED camping lights to meet the needs of outdoor
camping, barbecue,bonfire party, etc., emergency use in the case of power failure, large capacity, long
endurance, large current charging and discharging, humanized lashings design:
A. practical LED camping light. B. Solar charging is supported. C. unique ID design, appearance patent.
D. tenfold protection function of lithium battery. E, 5V/2A input and output, support quick charging and quick
release, full capacity of 8000MAH large capacity, strong endurance. F. Solar energy emergency charging function
and lighting function.
portable power supply for solar camping lamp
Charging efficiency >90% high conversion rate,3 USB ports,Ultra-long battery life meets electricity demand,solar charging, more portable.Super power camping lamp
Want to bring you more surprises and happiness with your digimon?
This kind of wireless charging of mobile power supply for outdoor lamp is a powerful device for your endurance
Break the routine of the concept of no account, qing feeling she hua technology, capacity up to 8000mah, let you show fashion anytime and anywhere, with the public

High conversion rate, same time, more output

It can charge three phones at once, not only adding a USB outlet, but also making the cell and control chip
more powerful.4 blue indicator lights, independent power on key

The product USES monocrystalline silicon solar panel

Fuselage with high - efficiency silicon metatarsplanter plate, is the current civil

The best material, previously used by the military, efficient, environmentally friendly

High power LED camping lights

Outdoor travel, safety is the most important, the addition of flashlight function, convenient for you to timely respond to the

need to use light source when traveling camping

Hard body, proper size, no space

ABS new material integrated molding design, perfect line with efficient performance, is the best choice for your mobile phone
Edge detail treatment, dustproof, sandproof, waterproof
3 USB interface 3 devices charge at the same time ,Not too many chargers, just one!
Intelligent identification charging (three protection) Dustproof, waterproof and fallproof
With solar charging function
1. Large area single product silicon solar panel, the best material, has been used in the military, efficient and environmentally friendly, more charging power, lasting power
2. With a buckle, the portable power supply can be connected to the backpack for solar charging when traveling
3. Ergonomically designed handshakes on both sides are comfortable to handle
High conversion rate of monocrystalline silicon solar panel, high efficiency and environmental protection
High conversion rate of monocrystalline silicon solar panel, breaking through the traditional charging limit, equipped with a large area of solar panel, next to the window, under the lights, the car Bus station and other outdoor under the bright light can be charged and continuous power supply, efficient and environmentally friendly
It is suitable for mainstream models and easy to carry
It can be charged for 5 days at a time. It is fast and stable. It can be charged anytime and anywhere during travel, business trip and school stay
With smart LED camping light, brightness adjustable
8000mah large capacity, true not false standard.Long battery charging support for smart phones, tablets and other devices, chatting, watching TV series, playing games, travelling and traveling at will

Smart IC chip charging speeds up by 91.82%

Large capacity, light and durable, overvoltage protection, dc quick charging does not hurt the machine, charging safety rest

    • Product usage introduction


1. Led display, power and outpue display

2.The battery life of the product is very strong and can charge the phone multiple times

3.Beautiful appearance,Warm led power display

5.Smart IC chip, charging safety rest assured
  • Description of product use effect

1.8000mah large capacity, true not false standard

2.For a long time to smartphone, tablet and other devices battery charging .

support, chat, watch TV, play games, travel, travel, at your ease, do not worry about the phone power

3.Compatible with a wider range of mainstream equipment

It can charge mainstream mobile phones, tablet devices, bluetooth headsets
and smart bracelets.
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