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LAIMODA Mi 12V Lithium Light Flashlight Lumen Battery Phone Panel Pawer Portable 30000Mah Powerbank 30000 Mah Solar Power Bank

Product Name:
30000mah power bank
Metal Alloy +ABS + TPU+Lithium polymer battery
Mobilephone Charging
interface Output:
USB+MICRO/Type-c/For iphone 5V2A
Product size:
166 * 82 * 33 mm
powerbanks 30000mah / powerbank 30000 mah / power bank 30000 mah
PSE certification + Japanese instruction + special packaging
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Powerbank 30000Mah 30000 Mah Mobile 30000 Station Portable Custom Power Bank 30000Mah For Xiaomi iphone Charger
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  • Product performance description

1.The solar charger 30,000ma at a time use a week
2.Four outputs and three inputs
3.choose me do not take up space to carry easily, reduce the cost
4.With usb and android ports, type-c adapter and apple adapter, it can charge 99% of the phones on the market
5.Safe and eight Protections ( Input/ output protection, Circuit protection, Overshoot protection, Pure cobalt battery protection,
Charging induction protection, Temperature protection, Magnetic field protection, Over power protection
Polymer battery, LED lamp, 4USB output, safe charging
Monocrystalline silicon solar panel,Use high quality single crystal silicon solar panel, bright light in the outdoor
Lower sustainable power supply,High conversion rate (longer life span
30,000ma large capacity It lasts forever
For iphone8 charging 8.9 times For OPPO RI5 charging 6 times(※ the above data are laboratory test values, and the actual use will be slightly deviated according to the specific situation)
Three input charging/storage as long as a cable,Support for apple Lightning, android tpye-c, android Micro usB input
4 usb interface,All four devices are charged at the same time
High integrated circuit module, ensure not to hurt the phone at the same time to meet,User needs to charge four devices at the same time
2A quick self-charging C technical scheme charging
It's safer to charge your phone with the right current
High quality lithium polymer cell
Charging safety does not send hot, high conversion rate
Double click on the key to show strong light;Press twice to display the conventional light
Press 3 times to switch to SoS blitzkrieg distress signal mode;Double-click on the end

    • Product usage introduction


Double click on the key to show strong light;

Press twice to display the conventional light

Press 3 times to switch to SoS blitzkrieg distress signal mode;
Double-click on the end
  • Description of product use effect

1.Taidian intelligent adaptation technology is widely compatible for IpHone, iPad, huawei,
Samsung, xiaomi and other mainstream mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices charge
2.The battery life of the product is very strong and can charge the phone multiple times

3.Beautiful appearance,Warm led power display
4.Smart IC chip, charging safety rest assured
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