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LAIMODA New products mini Mobile Charger power bank 20000 mah portable power banks 10000mah powerbank 20000mah Power+Banks

Product Name:
10000mah power banks 20000mah power bank
Metal Alloy +Glass + TPU+Lithium polymer battery
Mobilephone Charging
interface Output:
USB+MICRO+Type-c+For iphone ;5V2A
Product size:
You can be cusotm your logo
power bank mobile charger/ powerbank 10000 mah /power banks 20000mah
Package list:
1 * power bank with 3 in 1 cable
Tech. standard:
Qi Wireless fast charger tech,wireless power bank
Products applicable:
All wireless charging equipment accorded with QI standard
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New Product Mobile Charger power bank power bank 20000 mah portable power banks power banks powerbank 20000mah Power+Banks For Xiaomi
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  • Product performance description

1.You don't need to take such a trip ----charging treasure + data cable
2.choose me do not take up space to carry easily, reduce the cost
3.With usb and android ports, type-c adapter and apple adapter, it can charge 99.9% of the phones on the market
4.Safe and eight Protections ( Input/ output protection, Circuit protection, Overshoot protection, Pure cobalt battery protection,
Charging induction protection, Temperature protection, Magnetic field protection, Over power protection

Customize effect

We undertake logo customization, pattern customization, capacity customization and so on.welcom to contact us

A cable with 5 functions

It comes with Lightning port for charge the iphone
It comes with a Micro android port for charge android phones
It comes with a type-c interface to charge the huawei P30

can be easily solved by charging and storing electricity

With reverse USB charging to charge for power+banks
such as for iphone micro type-c Interface powerbank charging
Detachable cable
It's easy to recharge and store electricity

Smart IC chip charging speeds up by 80%

Large capacity, light and durable, overvoltage protection, dc quick charging does not hurt the machine, charging
safety rest
universal interface
With four output interface

1.Apple + android
3.The USB output
With four input interface
1.Type - C input port
2.Apple input
3.Android input port
Enough to keep the mark
Absolutely!Polymer cells shock the industry

Built-in 10000M 20000M black tech polymer cell
We never play games with large quantities
  • Description of product use effect

It's convenient to play while charging With long term,Perfect to eat chicken

Come with a 26cm long cord that can be charged without blocking your hand Play the chicken game
Fashionable mirror, exquisite craft, high-grade material
Innovative design, current display, compact size - purchase high quality chips, in the case of large capacity, reduce weight to make the charger lighter
 10000 mah / 20000 mah large-capacity specifications more optional, battery life is strong,charging times tall 10 times.Enjoy the life.dc quick charging does not hurt phone
Intelligent digital display
Precision power
In line with international safety aviation standards, can carry on board, travel without worry

    • Product usage introduction


1.Large LCD display, power and outpue display
2.With USB and android ports, type-c adapter and apple adapter, it can charge 99.9% of the phones and tablet computer on the market
3.USB2.0 output, stable and fast current, overcharge protection, so that the phone is not hurtUltra slim 16mm and super light 230-350g, easy to take
4.Sensitive fast charge
  • Description of product use effect

1.You don't need to take a cable when you go out
2.The battery life of the product is very strong and can charge the phone multiple times

3.Beautiful appearance,Warm led power display
4.Smart IC chip, charging safety rest assured
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