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LAIMODA type c Fast Charger magnetic charging cable for iphone cable iphone charger apple Magnetic micro usb cable iphone usb
Product name:
Usb cable/usb data cable/phone cable/Mobile cable
Standard current:
design parameters such as voltage and current conform to Apple standard
durability, compatibility, convenience, multifunction, safety and environmental protection
Yan color:
Applicable models:
microUSB, Iphone type-c three interfaces
5V 2.4a
charging, data transmission usb2.0 480Mbps
net weight:
gross weight:
Package size of single gift box:
8.6 *8.0*5.4 (CM)

  • Product performance description

Multi-function data charging cable, fashionable, beautiful and durable, can be used as an accessory, and it is convenient for smart wearing and charging
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The factory has a stable supply of goods, according to customer requirements OEM customized LOGO business.

Functions Features

Equipment charging
data transmission
portable storage
A multi-purpose content product
Easy to carry, suitable for business trip, office meeting, sports and shopping
bracelet wearable Data cables For Micro/ios/ type-c Phone Charging And Data Transmission
Upgrade durable connector, safe charging, nylon material woven flexible and not broken, plug and pull up to 15,000 times, ordinary head 3000 times
LAIMODA data cable length is 22.5cm, while other parents only 20cm
Fashion gift packaging , you want to reach the high-end at your fingertips
Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction


The operation procedure of fastening
(1) hold both ends of the data line with both hands to make the data line bend and slowly close
(2) until the two ends of the data line collide, then align with the data line interface and slot
(3) insert the end of the phone interface of the data cable into the hole above the usb interface
(4) until the interfaces at both ends of the data line are completely inserted to the end, note: during the process, check whether
the slots are aligned
(5) then press hard up and down, until you hear a click, is completely buckle the interface, note: in the process to be strong
(6) the operation can be completed after checking whether the interfaces fully fit and leave no gaps between them


Unplug procedure

(1) when operating with two hands, hold the connection of both sides of the data cable for one-hand operation, and hold the
connection of the phone terminal with the right hand
(2) the right hand grasps the interface connected to the mobile phone and gently lifts it until a click indicates that it has
become loose
(3) then gently pull it out in the opposite direction of the interface at both ends until it is completely released and stretched
  • Description of product use effect

Fast charging does not generate heat, automatic matching does not pop up, wearing fashion, convenient storage, fast data
transmission, flexible joint will not break

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