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LAIMODA 7.5W 10W Wireless Charger 8 Port Multi USB Charger Station with LCD Display

[10W wireless charger]

Wireless output :7.5-10W

[Visual LCD Display]

Euqipped with a LCD digital display, intelligently shows the current and charging status for each charging
port on the screen, now the intelligence and technology are visible. Light weight and compact design is
ideal for home, office and desktop use. Wide input voltage range of AC100-240V which suits for
international travel perfectly.

[Superior Safety]

Made of fire-resistance PC shell and 100% copper wire, with professional management system, certified
safety by FCC and RoHS.Overheat, overcharge, overcurrent, overload, surge, short circuit protection,
protects your devices automatically and greatly extending the battery lifetime of your devices.

[What You Get]

8 ports USB charger hub, 5 ft / 1.5m ultra long detachable power cord

USB charging cable can be connected to a variety of GPS, mobile phone, MP3, For iPod,iPhone power, charging
.(e.g. Detail drawing)

The wall is partially filled with a plug, which can be directly plugged into a socket or a cable board to charge
the mobile phone,
tablet, etc. (see details)

Equipped with PDA, mobile phone, digital MP3, MP4, camera and other equipment connectors, you can charge
your products;

- charger circuit design over voltage, over current, over temperature short circuit protection, effectively protect
your battery
and equipment to achieve good work;

- universal input design, continuous output voltage, built-in anti-electromagnetic interference filtering, pay
attention to the
safe charging of equipment.
European standard pin (round with two feet)
Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium,Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Switzerland,Dian, Korea, Poland, Greece, lusen,Austria, Hungary, Czech republic,Romania, Bulgaria, Italy,Spain, Portugal, Indonesia,India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey,Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Morocco, etc
US (meigui two feet flat)
America, China, Japan, Canada,China Taiwan, Colombia, Thailand,Lebanon, Cuba, the Philippines, Mexico,Colombia, panama, Haiti, venezuela,Ecuador, Guatemala, sal,Waldo, Honduras, Nicaragua,Dominica, etc.
UK Gauge pin (gauge tripod flat)
Britain, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China,Dubai, Kuwait, maldives, Malaysia,Asia, united Arab emirates, Singapore, Jordan
Dan, China Macao, India, Australia and so on.
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