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LAIMODA 2020 Smart Usb C Adapter Mobile Charger Usb Type C Cable Charger Phone Data Cable Usb Charge Cable

products introduction:
Usb-c TO usb-c, dual interface, can charge the laptop, carry the 3A/5A current, compatible with PD, QC and other smart devices for fast charging
USB C to C Fast Charger Cable
Max 20V/3A;5V/3A;9V/2A,PD 18W 45W 60W
1M/3ft,2M/6ft Customized
12 Months
Suit Package size: 
Single Package size:
LAIMODA 2020 New Technology Mobile Phone Fast Cables Micro Usb C Type C Charger Cable Charging Usb Cable For iphone macbook pro tablet pc Huawei cell phone
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20V/3A 60W high power, fast speed up to 80% (high power charger is required to experience fast charging)
If you need to support the data transmission function of the data line please contact us, thank you very much
  • Product performance description

Choose LAIMODA Fast PD Charging for quick charging to solve all your charging problems
Are you worried about these problems?
1. Slow charging speed and delay work efficiency
2. The charging temperature is too high, and there are safety risks
3. charging reduces your phone's battery life
4. Transmit data slow
5. Rough workmanship and poor quality


Choose LAIMODA Usb Cable quick charging to solve all your charging problems

1.No interference single port quick charge 2.Intelligent temperature control safety technology
3.Protection your mobilephone is not damage to battery 4.High-end safety explosion proof material
5.Exquisite workmanship 6.High speed data transmission, no jam 6.Mini simplicity, easy to carry
7.Charger and cable suit more match faster and safer
New upgrade Pd fast charger cable Faster than the original charger cable, farewell turtle speed slow charge
Stable output input, faster charging speed, type-c dual interface forward and backward plug, do not worry about the reverse plug problem, protect your device interface

Smart chip fast and safe, No harm to you phone

Hardware level protection, improve the use of security - built-in PTC protection, effectively control the use of
abnormal conditions generated by the heating phenomenon, use more assured
Imported original chip, built-in intelligent identification chip, automatic power matching equipment,Fast charging
can also transmit data at a high speed, up to 480mbps
High-end material intelligent output matching current
The actual material is safe to use - the internal wiring is wrapped in aluminum foil and protected by 16 strands of high quality tin-plated copper oxide protection net
Safety technology, careful manufacturing assured use.High purity thick tinned copper core, anti - interference reinforcement aluminum foil out clothingincrease the area of the core, reduce the loss, speed up by 50%

Adopt safe environmental protection TPE material,integration of high elastic and strong TPE injection
molding, anti-burst forever, deeply loved by users

Flame retardant TPE coating, thick wire core, the use of the process does not appear knot, winding phenom
The net tail is made of high toughness tpe material with streamlined all-package design. The thickness is
0.8mm, which can resist 13,000 times of bending without breaking
No fear of bending, anti-burst, integrated injection design
Old porduct easy to crack splicing plastic design
LAIMODA Usb C Cable Compatible For huawei, apple and other laptops and most mobile phones
Double USB - C broad scope for new MacBook, MacBook Pro, lenovo laptop, millet, HP PavilionX2, samsung Galaxy S8, S8 plus, Tab S39.7, asus Zen Pad S8.0, huawei Mate Book, nintendo devices, USB - C interface mobile phone, USB - C interface, to charge mobile devices such as mobile powerbank

Strongly compatible PD protocol, QC protocol for a variety of smart mobile devices fast charging.

Choose LAIMODA USB-C Cable Four types of usage
1.LAIMODA Usb-c Cable Can be equipped with professional PD mobile phone quick charging head for quick
charging of mobile phone
2.LAIMODA Usb-c Cable can be equipped with professional PD laptop charging head to charge the laptop quickly
3.LAIMODA Usb-c Cable Can connect to the c-port laptop to charge the c-port mobile phone quickly
4.LAIMODA Usb-c Cable Can C - port mobile phones can charge each other

    • Product usage introduction


USB C power adapter features the Type-C port with Power Delivery 3.0, providing an output of Max 60W- 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 15V/3A,20V/3A voltage and current. It can fast charge For your PD compatible devices. Your For iPhone Laptop can be charged from 0% to 70% in just 60 minutes. Quick Charge 3.0 Wide Compatibility This USB C fast wall charger is also compatible with Quick Charge, QC 3.0 and backwards compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 smartphones.
  • Description of product use effect

3A high current, high power, smart chip, safe and fast, no damage to the machine, fast speed up by 80% (you need to configure high-power charger to experience fast charging), full of 70% in one hour, with 60W charger, safe and fast charging will not wait
Powerful performance, wide compatibility, support 60W high-power notebook quick charge
smart chip, charging no popup, Update with apple systems together


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Use PD charging set, it is three times faster than the original charging set, safe and quick

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PD fast charger C to C cable packing

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