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LAIMODA 18W PD qi wire less power bank 10000mah wireless charger power bank wireless phone charger powerbank wireless

ABS+PC+Lithium polymer battery
Mobilephone wireless Charging
Wireless output:
Type c output and input
5V/9V/12V/18W MAX
Usb A output current:
Product size:
You can be cusotm your logo
3.8V power bank mobile charger/ powerbank 10000 mah /power banks 10000mah
Standard package configuration:
>, 1 X host > 1 X cable > 1 X specification >, 1 X boxes
QC3.0+PD fast charger cell phone trending products portable battery wireless charger power bank pawar bank 2020 products new
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  • Product performance description

1.Suction cup wireless portable power supply

2.18 WPD quick charge

3.Charge all three phones at the same time

4.PD two-way quick charge

5.3.0a large current input and output
6.Compatible with a wider range of mainstream equipment,It can charge mainstream mobile phones, tablet devices, bluetooth headsets
and smart bracelets.
Wireless quick charge · charge when down
1.wireless charging 10W output 2.QC3.0 quick charge output 3.PD output 18W output input
 high quality wireless output is fast and stable
18 w power ,QC3.0+PD3.0 fast charging type, a variety of output ports,It can charge 3 mobile phones at the same time

PD super quick recharging

Small and delicate mini body more portable travel, can be conveniently installed

Large capacity is not empty standard
Capacity of 10000 mah

Product A polymer lithium battery safe and reliable, at any time to charge at any time to use, no power trouble

Symbolic civil aviation standard

security certification, carefree boarding, such as the local bureau has special
The local civil aviation authority shall prevail
wireless charge and with cable charging, 3 in 1 to charge 3 mobile phones at the same time
QC3.0+PD3.0 quick charging type, wireless charging wireless + with its own three-wire design,Charging is faster and more convenient to meet your travel needs without cable
Sucker design,Intelligent temperature control system
18 kiss sucker symmetrical distribution, stable charging is not easy to slide
Intelligent temperature control system,Automatically adjust the charger's own temperature, not afraid of hot weather
Less hot, safer
FOD intelligent foreign body recognition
Intelligent identification of the above metal items, security guarantee non-destructive charging
Multilayer detection, layer upon layer check.With wireless charging function. It is suitable for mainstream models and easy to carry
It is fast and stable. It can be charged anytime and anywhere during travel, business trip and school stay

Smart IC chip charging speeds up by 90%,Two versions are available

Large capacity, light and durable, overvoltage protection, dc quick charging does not hurt the machine, charging safety rest

    • Product usage introduction


1. security authentication, carefree boarding
2.You don't need to take a cable when you go out

3.The battery life of the product is very strong and can charge the phone multiple times

4.Beautiful appearance,Warm led power display

5.Smart IC chip, charging safety rest assured
  • Description of product use effect

1.10000mah large capacity, true not false standard

2.For a long time to smartphone, tablet and other devices battery charging .

support, chat, watch TV, play games, travel, travel, at your ease, do not worry about the phone power

3.Compatible with a wider range of mainstream equipment

It can charge mainstream mobile phones, tablet devices, bluetooth headsets
and smart bracelets.
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